Just my interpretation of a few fandoms. Feel free to add your own. ;D

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Kill me kill me kill me kill me


Fun fact! Illinois’ farms cover 28 million acres of land, nearly 80% of the state’s total landmass! Without the produce from those farms, we’re screwed! :-)
The more you know!

A very special thanks to LilCinnamon, The FlutterKnight, Bernd01, MrLolcats17, Bronyvectors, xPesifeindx, Anxet, and Grendo11 on DeviantArt. The links to their spectacular pages are below:

Wait for a while and this will end up in EQD


Whoops… My bad!

My apologies. I managed to crack my UV filter the other day (derp!) so I’ll have to wait a few days for the new one to come in.

Just wanted to give everyone the heads up. Next update might take a little while (hopefully just a few extra days).

Well at its just a UV lens, I’d have the cancer if it was the lens itself

What I’ve done so far.

Totally worth it

Totally worth it

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My weather station arrived

So I got this book

Beautiful view in downtown Winter Park

Well, S#!7 Son

Well I lost a friend because I mentioned Dash costume in the ‘Lunar Eclipse’ episode… Fine then 

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